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Please contact the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Santa Fe:

660 West San Mateo
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
Phone: (505) 983-4612
Fax: (505) 989-4650


PLEASE CALL (505) 983-4612.

Company Information
7.5oz Cans (4-6 packs)
7.5oz Cans (3-10 packs)
8.5oz Aluminum Bottles (24)
8oz Glass Bottles (24)
12oz-6pk Cans (4-6 packs)
12oz Plstc. Bottles (3-8 packs)
20pk Cans (1case of 20)
24pk Cans (1case of 24)
12oz Cans Fridge Pack (2-12 packs)
16oz Cans (24)
20oz Plstc. Bottles (24)
.5 Liter Plstc. Bottles (24)
1 Liter Plstc. Bottles (12)
1.25 Liter Plstc. Bottles (12)
2 Liter Plstc. Bottles (8)
Coke de Mexico 12oz Glass Bottles (24)
Dasani Drops 1.9 oz Plstc. Bottles (6)
Dasani Sparkling 12oz Cans (3-8 packs)
Tum-E Yummies 300 ml Plstc. Bottles (12)
Core Power 11.5oz Plstc. Bottles (12)
Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffees 13.7oz Plastic Bottles (12)
Minute Maid 15.2oz Plstc. Bottles (24)
Minute Maid Sparkling .5L Plstc. Bottles (12)
Java Monster 11oz Cans (6-4pks)
Monster Extra Strength 12oz Cans (12)
Java Monster 15oz Cans (12)
Muscle Monster 15oz Cans (12)
Monster Rehab 15.5oz Cans (6-4pks)
Monster Rehab 15.5oz Cans (2-10pks)
Monster Rehab 15.5oz Cans (24)
Monster 16oz Cans (6-4 packs)
Monster 16oz Cans (2-10 packs)
Monster 16oz Cans (24)
Monster 18.6oz Cans (12)
Monster 24oz Resealable Cans (12)
Energy Drinks 16oz Cans
Energy Drinks 24oz Resealable Cans (12)
Fuze 1 Ltr. Plstc. Bottles (12)
Powerade 12oz Plstc. Bttls. 2-12pks (24)
Powerade 20oz Plstc. Bottles (24)
Powerade 20oz Plstc. Bottles 3 8pks (24)
Powerade 32oz Plstc. Bottles (15)
Vitamin Water .5L Plstc. Bottles (24)
Vitamin Water 20oz Plstc. Bottles (24)
Gold Peak Teas .5ltr Plstc. Bottles (24)
Gold Peak Teas 18.5oz Plstc. Bottles (12)
Gold Peak Teas 64oz Plastic Bottles (8)
Honest Teas .5 Ltr Plstc. Bottles (12)
Honest Ade .5 Ltr Plstc. Bottles (12)
Honest Teas 59oz Plastic Bottles (8)
Peace Teas 23oz Cans (12)
Zico Cococut Water .5L Plstc. Bottles (12)
Zico Cococut Water 1 Liter Tetra Paks (12)
Canada Dry 10oz Glass Bottles (24)
Canada Dry 1 Liter Plstc. Bottles (15)
Smartwater 700ml Plstc. Bottles (24)
Water Vida 25oz Plstc. Bottles (24)
Water 1 Liter Plstc. Bottles (12)
Water 1.5 Liter Plstc. Bottles (12)
2.5 gallon Bag-in-a-Box
5 gallon Bag-in-a-Box
CO2 gas

All cups are sold by the case. All cups are waxed-paper, unless otherwise specified


All lids are sold by the case

fits 12oz, 16oz & 24oz cups

J.A. Hart founder of Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Santa Fe
History of Coca-Cola in New Mexico
Coca-Cola Santa Fe in 1925
Coca Cola consumers in northern New Mexico
1933 Santa Fe Coca Cola delivery truck
Employees of Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Santa Fe
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Santa Fe Employees 1933
Coca-Cola delivery trucks in northern New Mexico
Coca Cola Santa Fe remains a family business
Coca-Cola celebrates 125th birthday in New Mexico
Coca Cola bottling and distribution in Santa Fe 1950